Trolling Alaska (again)

Photo courtesy H. Michael Miley, Flickr, April 14, 2011

Well, The One blessed the Great State of Alaska with his presence for three days last month. He was in full troll mode, renaming the tallest mountain in North America with a wave of his majestic hand while enroute to Anchorage. He spent three days in the state before departing to Paris for a climate change conference. While Putin declined to send a flight of Bear bombers to wave hi, the ChiComs did send five military vessels to Bering Sea in their attempt to troll the troll.

It is always a positive to see the Chief Executive visit the state, unfortunately the Obama regime’s hostility to resource development had a lot of us worried. So far, there are no new National Monuments (yet) although there is still time. Many of us were hoping for a couple inches of snow here in Anchorage to greet his arrival. The first snow of the season snarls traffic something awful before we relearn how to drive in it. Sadly, the only Gore Effect was freeze warnings for Wednesday morning.

Renaming Mount McKinley to Denali is problematic, as it is yet another example of rank lawlessness. The mountain was named by an act of Congress in 1917. Obama renamed it via Executive Order, something that can be undone with a stroke of a pen. The rename was simple pandering to Alaskan native separatists who have long demanded it be renamed to its traditional name – Denali. Denali is an Athabascan word that essentially means “big freakin’ mountain.” Problem is that it is a generic term that the natives applied to every mountain. Every mountain is Denali.

While in Anchorage, he blew off a public meeting with some 2,500 native elders and Alaskans of all stripe, sending along a video greeting that looped at least five times. Instead, he and his crew had dinner at the home of one Alice Rogoff, owner of the largest newspaper in the state, the Alaska Dispatch News. Alice came to Alaska from Washington DC with a goal of changing politics in the state. So far, she has elected a governor and a mayor. She is pushing climate change and green issues for all its worth. Local observers believe it was an exclusive fundraiser and are working to get an attendance list.

Tuesday, Obama went to Seward for a photo-op in front of the Exit Glacier, one of the few road-accessible glaciers in the state. He spoke about manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions before filming a reality show episode with Bear Grylls. He was photographed next to a sign showing where the glacier was in 1961 so as to demonstrate manmade global warming in action. For some reason, he did not stand in front of the sign showing where the glacier was in the 1860s before the industrial revolution kicked in.

Wednesday, he went to Dillingham and Kotzebue, doing his Johnny Appleseed routine, gifting renewable energy money to Bush Alaska, buying future democrat votes. He became the first president to visit a community north of the Arctic Circle.

The visit was worrisome especially based on the insistence to push climate change. As E&E Legal has demonstrated, the WH, large money democrat donors, democrat governors and Attorneys General are pushing this effort nationwide. It is an orchestrated political campaign backed by large caliber donors like Tom Steyer. It has participation and leadership at the highest level of the WH. It is a way to centralize control of energy within the EPA which is in turn controlled by the WH. It is a way to launder renewable energy money through grants to renewable energy firms and then on to democrat campaigns. And it looks like the new owner of the largest media organ in the state is in the fat middle of the festivities, as is her newly elected Governor, Bill Walker.

Add  to that the incessant race-baiting and pandering to native separatists in Bush Alaska and we have a real demonstration of the racial divide and conquer strategy so well used by democrats here in Alaska and elsewhere over the last seven years. Sadly, things are going to get ugly here in Alaska.