Barrier Islands

Photo courtesy USGS Press, Flickr, Aug. 11, 2011

One of the backdrops used by the Obama WH in his recent trip to Alaska was the plight of Bush communities built on barrier islands. One such village of Kivalina. It is a village in far NW Alaska. It has a population of around 380.

One of the things those of us with experience in the southern US is that barrier islands tend to move around, being moved, rearranged, and from time to time destroyed / recreated by the action of wind, sea and storms. Apparently our neighbors in Kivalina are not that experienced and have been blaming the encroachment of the ocean and their plight on rising sea levels and manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions. Essentially, their foolish choice of a location for their village is not their fault. Rather, it is ours, and we will get to fix it for them. Oh joy.

They are demanding taxpayers relocate their village and have gotten good support from pandering democrats to do so.

Historically, these sorts of villages were not static sites. Rather, they were fish and whaling camps, located where they were when fish or whales (walrus and seals) were available. The fish camps tended to be at the mouths of local rivers. When the rivers moved, so then did the camps. When the migration of whales, seals and walrus changed, so did the location of the whaling camps used to base hunting for them. These camps were typically not occupied when there was nothing to fish or hunt for.

It was not until the last half century or so that the influx of free money allowed construction of sufficient infrastructure to keep these places open year round. And that is the problem.

You have to give the inhabitants of Kivalina and similar villages along the western and northern Alaskan coasts props for being sufficiently creative to blame the result of their poor planning on non-existing manmade global warming.

But those props shouldn’t extend to much sympathy or worse yet more free money to pay for more poor choices.
Somewhere along the line, our neighbors in Bush Alaska are going to have to start taking responsibility for their lifestyle choices. And choosing to build your home on a barrier island is invariably a poor lifestyle choice as so many Americans around the Gulf Coast and the Carolinas have discovered over the years.

Sadly it appears that as long as there is “free money” flowing out of the manmade global warming due to CO2 emissions scam, that education will not take place.