Permafrost disappearing? Not hardly.

Photo courtesy USGS, Flickr, Jan. 24, 2014

The Garbage In – Garbage Out (GIGO) world of climate science regaled us with yet another breathless story about catastrophic climate change, all due to manmade global warming due to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This scare, prominently displayed in Alice Rogoff’s fish wrapper has the US Geologic Survey (USGS) claiming that 16 – 24% of shallow permafrost will disappear from Alaska by the end of the century.

The key line is in the fourth paragraph of the ADN story that tells us how the prediction is made:
“To predict future permafrost loss, the study analyzes effects from expected temperature and precipitation changes, Wylie said.”

Essentially the USGS used the bogus results of NASA GISS climate models to predict a permafrost-free Alaska. This is why I refer to the entire process as GIGO, as the temperature datasets input into the models have been modified by NASA GISS since 2010 to the extent that they no longer capture what actually took place. Rather they now capture what the Obama regime and their paid fraudsters want the results to be.

The temperature datasets since the 1880s have been modified to cool down warm periods, the decade of the 1930s was the most recent example. The modifications also warm up more recent temperatures from US and other stations so as to demonstrate runaway global warming, all of it our fault. The public employees have done their job so well the hiatus in global temperature changes over the last 18+ years no longer shows up in NASA’s datasets.

And it is both the manipulated datasets and the computer models that the USGS dutifully used to generate the results Rogoff’s rag is so breathlessly reporting. It is also the data and temperature increase predictions that the EPA has been using for over seven years to craft their emissions rules to ward off.

GIGO is hardly a scientific method, but in the world of publicly funded climate science, it is sadly predictable. So too is Alice’s proselytizing on its behalf. Perhaps that is how they do things in her former home of Washington DC. Sadly it is getting more common up here. Problem comes when the True Believers plan for increasingly warm winters and get hit with a couple really, really cold ones that were “unexpectedly” harsh. Cold kills the poorly prepared. Heat not so much.