Syrian Invasion

Photo courtesy Fablo Sola Penno, Flickr, Sept. 11, 2014

One of things you sign up to when elected Governor is ensuring that the general welfare and safety of citizens of the State of Alaska comes first. This is why we fund things like State Troopers, law enforcement at all levels, National Guard, courts and prison systems.

What happens when the Obama regime wants to import an invading army of 10,000 – 40,000 young Syrian men into the United States? Given the carnage just three of them wrought in Paris a few weeks ago, some of us would be rightfully concerned about their presence here in Alaska. Some would even want to stop their import until we know who they are, where they came from, whether or not they are Islamists, ISIS or associated with other terror groups. One would want to know, per federal law, whether they are Christian or Muslim (Yes, Virginia, there is indeed a religious test for refugees and has been for over half a century).

What would you as Governor of Alaska do? Would you announce that Alaska would not be admitting any Syrians until they are thoroughly vetted? As of this writing, over 31 state governors have done this. How about Bill Walker? Bill Walker is apparently too busy rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic that is the in-state natural gas pipeline, to do much of anything. Indeed, he appeared to be surprised by the concern. It took him a day to release a statement expressing his concern and promising to “… ensure the highest levels of safety for the citizens of Alaska…”

There are so many things wrong with this lackadaisical worldview that I barely know where to begin. Perhaps a few facts would be in order:

Fact: The Syrian invasion of Europe began earlier this year when Turkish President Erdogan flushed his refugee camps, some of which had been housing refugees for over three years. He has offered to stop the flow of people if European Union governments ante up with billions of dollars.

Fact: No single Middle Eastern Muslim nation has offered to house a single refugee. But Saudi Arabia has offered to build 200 Mosques in Germany to tend to their needs.

Fact: The Obama regime has steadfastly refused pleas to allow Christian refugees from Syria to immigrate. Sure sounds like there is a religious test for immigration after all.

If Europe’s experience with the Syrian invasion is any indicator, there will be blood. Somewhere in the not so distant future, some of these Syrian Muslims will conduct an attack with automatic weapons and bombs, intending to kill as many of our neighbors as possible just like they did in Paris. Why? Because we are infidel.

With any luck at all, such an attack will not happen here in Alaska, but when and if it does, there will blood on the hands of Governor Bill Walker who is doing his best Alfred E. Neuman, “What, me worry?” shtick. It will be on the hands of Alaska democrats, greens and unions who gleefully put him into office. It will be on the hands of Alice Rogoff, who is busily running cloying pro-immigration op-eds in her fish wrapper.

I have no problem taking care of people in need, people who want to come to the United States because they want to be Americans. I have a great deal of difficulty importing people who hate us, hate our religion, who hate our laws and everything we stand for, and want to kill us because we are not sufficiently Muslim for their sensibilities. You should also.