Pushback against invasion of illegals begins

Photo courtesy elnalem, Flickr, Dec. 30, 2007

As the Obama inspired and caused invasion across the Southern Border of the US continues unabated, public pushback has continued to ramp up with some most interesting and dangerous twists for the pro-immigration world.

Public opposition to the flood of illegals is sitting in the high 70s%. A Chamber of Commerce backed Republican candidate for US Senate from Georgia lost to a TEA Party backed candidate who bashed him over the head with Chamber of Commerce support for amnesty. Texas Governor Rick Perry announced he would be sending 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the Rio Grande to close it. That number seems to be low. The feds have switched from busses to smaller vans to transport and dump their charges. And finally, the Obama Regime announced they would be flying “refugees” directly into the US via contract air, making him the Coyote in Chief. http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2014/07/25/barack_obama_coyote_in_chief

This entire mess appears to be completely out of control, leaving the WH desperate to change the subject, which is why you have been hearing threats of impeachment reported in the Obama-friendly media. The threats originate entirely within the left, from democrats, regime supporters and their mouthpieces in the Beltway media, as Republicans have scrupulously avoided even the appearance they would be considering such a thing. For its part, the WH appears to be doing everything humanly possible to goad the House into an impeachment vote, most recently via a threat to legalize 5-6 million illegals by the stroke of a pen by the end of summer.

Should that happen, and I do expect them to do it, for they have no imagination, the blowback will be breathtaking. In some ways it already is, as legalization / amnesty is no longer a winning issue for either party among voters. Of course, if you can import several million new, young, needy, uneducated and impoverished people, you can almost instantly turn them into lockstep democrat voters like has been done in California since the mid-1980s.

Public blowback of this is already pretty significant. And should Obama pull that trigger by the end of summer, it will do significant damage to democrat candidates across the board in November. Note to democrats: Be careful what you wish for, as you may end up getting it.