Senate attempt to remove religious liberty fails

Photo courtesy Nicholas Eckhart, Flickr, March 19, 2014

If any of us needed another reminder that the US Senate is being led by a bunch of clueless demagogues comes a failed vote to overturn the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby opinion.

To set the stage, the IRS is running rampant over the ability of conservatives to participate in the election process, destroying evidence and laughing about it afterwards. The VA is killing hundreds to thousands of veterans via neglect and incompetence, shooting as many whistleblowers as humanly possible while covering their malfeasance. And the Obama regime has invited most of the inhabitants of Central America to come to the US to live, essentially erasing the southern border allowing hundreds of thousands of disease-ridden invaders, gang-bangers, and Islamist terrorists to enter the country this year.

With all this going on, what does the Senate majority choose to deal with? They choose to try to pass legislation to strip religious liberty from Americans. Worse yet, Alaska’s two US Senators vote to override a filibuster and try to move the legislation to passage. Only three Republicans vote in favor of the legislation. Fortunately, the filibuster override failed by a near party-line vote.

With their support of this, Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski believe that forcing religious business owners to participate in what they view as sin is more important than dealing with the VA, the IRS or the invasion from the southern border. Nothing could so precisely demonstrate that both people have spent entirely too much time inside the Beltway.

The only reason the Senate Majority leadership brought this bill forward so quickly was because they need a strong turnout by single women in November to save their sorry carcasses from electoral disaster. They have polling that makes them believe that this gambit will help them. This is not about taking care of contraception for women. It is not about actual health care concerns. It is not even about fairness or choice, for the business owners most certainly have no choice in any of this. It is not about liberty or freedom. Rather, it is about federal coercion, keeping the issue alive so democrat campaigns this year can demagogue religious business owners who want employees to pay for their own lifestyle choices.

Both Begich and Murkowski should be thoroughly ashamed of their votes. Not only did they support a cynical election ploy by senate democrats, but they also went after the religious liberty of all Alaskans and in turn all Americans. Nice job, guys.