Why I support Newt Gingrich

Not only does Newt Gingrich TALK about the Reagan Revolution and use his quotes, even as such stalwarts as Joe Miller has done, but Newt Gingrich was there in the trenches, taking the blows and bruises on behalf of President Reagan, working hard as part of the Reagan team to uphold, enable, and empower President Ronald Reagan to accomplish what many said at the time was impossible. Michael Reagan, President Reagan's son, as well as other notable people of that era, have stated unequivocally, that without Newt's tenacity, forthrightness, determination and courage, even President Reagan would have given up on the goal before it was completely accomplished because of such fierce opposition from the radical left. Americans owe Newt Gingrich a huge debt of gratitude for all of his service and sacrifice for our nation.

Newt's experience, knowledge, steadfast determination and perseverance are what will make him a president Americans can once again be proud of. He will put the "Shining" back in the City on a Hill and the honor and dignity back into the office of the president. Newt has led a national movement to elect a Republican majority and then actually achieved substantial conservative reforms of the federal government. No other candidate in the race for the Republican nomination can claim that distinction. He also accomplished welfare reform, balanced budgets, and tax cuts that liberated the American people to create 11 million new jobs in just four years. In 1995, Time named him "Man of the Year" for his accomplishments as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Newt Gingrich has a vast amount of experience encompassing his 35-year career as a public figure which includes over 7,000 votes, over 1,500 speeches, thousands of television & radio appearances, articles & opeds, and is the author of 24 books advocating, explaining and achieving conservative reforms in government.

Newt has convened faith leaders from all over the country to join forces with him in a Faith Leaders Coalition to preserve life, marriage, and religious freedom. I have never seen this done in any of the many campaigns I have worked on and I was so blessed by this coalition. Newt stands strong against issues that threaten or impede the religious freedom that all Americans enjoy as an unalienable right from our Creator, which the First Amendment to the Constitution explicitly protects. Newt's commission would work to ensure religious expression is protected in the public square, schools, and for our military chaplains and personnel. Newt will investigate and examine policies and regulations on how they would impact our religious freedoms, including the freedom of conscience and the delivery of health and healthcare services in the United States, for example, any new HHS mandate that would require health-insurance plans to cover contraception, sterilization and drugs known to induce abortion that may violate and interfere with the religious freedom of individuals, and the weakening of conscience clause protections for healthcare workers. Newt will work to repeal Obamacare in its entirety immediately upon being sworn in as president.

Newt Gingrich has consistently upheld a pro-life standard throughout his twenty years in Congress, including his four years as Speaker of the House of Representatives, supporting the pro-life position in 70 out of 71 votes. The one vote where he is said to have not voted in the pro-life position had to do with a early 1995 version of welfare reform because it changed certain welfare payments for mothers with children. However in the final version it was not opposed.

Although Newt's father's military career inspired him into service of our nation, sadly he was blocked from entry to the military, because of sight impairment and flat feet. Therefore, Newt chose to enter into public service. From there Newt served on the Defense Policy Board under President George W. Bush, which provided strategic counsel to the Pentagon and Secretary of Defense on how to better address threats facing the United States. He is also the longest-serving teacher of the Joint War Fighting course for Major Generals at Air University and taught officers from all five services as an honorary Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Professor at the National Defense University.

No candidate in the race can match Newt Gingrich.

I pray earnestly that we get such a man of stature to lead our country out of the muck and mire and back on to the road to American freedom and prosperity. America needs Newt Gingrich in 2012!
I pray that Newt keeps on putting out his solutions and plans for restoring our nation to constitutional government. I pray for the people of our nation, that they would see past all the bashing and deceitful attempts to stop Newt's efforts to serve our nation. I pray the people will get out and support Newt on Super Tuesday, March 6 and especially for me at the Alaska Presidential Preference poll!