Three Reasons Why I’m Voting for Romney

After listening to the four Republican candidates who are running in the Alaska Republican Party’s Presidential Preference Poll, each of whom would be a better President than Barack Obama, I’ve boiled down the reasons I’ll vote for Mitt Romney to three important points:

1. Mitt Romney is the only candidate I trust to put America’s economy back on the right track. He’s the only candidate in either Party with a proven record of success when it comes to creating jobs in the private sector. Mitt Romney has started new business and turned failing ones around. He understands the disastrous impacts that runaway government spending, out of control deficits, and punitive tax programs are having on economic recovery. Right now, President Obama and his allies are telling us that minor blips in a few economic indicators are signaling a recovery. Mitt Romney knows that’s nonsense. He recognizes that no recovery every got very far on the skyrocketing fuel prices that we are paying at the pump today. The economy is the one issue that we have to get right this year. Mitt Romney is the one candidate who carries the credentials to fix it.

2. Mitt Romney is the candidate with a consistent commitment to Alaska. Mitt Romney has been an uncompromising advocate for energy development in Alaska for years and in 2008 he confronted John McCain head on over the issue of opening ANWAR for oil exploration. Mitt Romney decisively won our state’s first Presidential Preference Poll when he pledged as President to sign Don Young’s bill to open ANWR. Since then, he’s never gotten sidetracked by gimmicks like Barrack Obama’s “alternative energy” subsidies or Rick Santorum’s ethanol fuel mandate. Today, Mitt Romney has made the development of Alaska’s energy resources a major plank in his campaign platform.

3. Mitt Romney is the candidate who clearly recognizes the crucial role of Alaska’s military bases play in defending the United States in the Twenty-first Century. In a teleconference with Alaska voters on Saturday, Mitt Romney decisively rejected the Obama Administration’s retreat from our long held policy of maintaining a military force that can successfully fight two wars anywhere in the world. He made it clear that the force structure and base structure reductions now being pushed by the Obama Administration will be off the table in a Romney Administration and that Alaska’s bases will continue to support the strongest military forces in the world.

Please visit to find your polling place and vote for your choice. I hope that you will join me in voting for Mitt Romney.

Chris Nelson was Chairman of the Alaska Delegation to the 2008 Republican National Convention.