State Senate Moves To Give Your Vote For President To California

One of the really ugly pieces of legislation floating through the “Senate Bipartisan Majority” in the Alaska Legislature is SB39, the US Presidential Election Compact. The sponsor is long-time defender of state’s rights, individual freedom and liberty, Hollis French (/sarc).

Essentially the legislation allocates Alaska’s three electoral votes in any presidential election to the candidate that receives the most popular votes nationwide. Good idea, right?

Not so good. Here’s why: Presidents are elected by the states rather than via the popular vote. Each state is allocated Electors based upon the number of US Senators and Congressmen. Those Electors then cast their votes for President and Vice President in the Electoral College based upon what their home state tells them to do. This ensures that the newly elected President and Vice President represents the majority of states and forces a campaign to be run in all 50 states rather than in just a few coastal cities. The allocation of electoral votes also gives Alaska and other small states more than average influence on the outcome of the presidential election.

Normally, the winner of the popular vote receives more Electoral Votes than the loser. Occasionally, in very tight elections, the candidate with more Electoral votes has fewer popular votes than the loser. This last happened with the failed democrat voter fraud effort in Florida during Bush – Gore 2000. It almost happened in Kennedy – Nixon 1960, another election with democrat voter fraud that tipped Texas and Illinois to Kennedy.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact effort grew out of the democrat reaction to Bush – Gore 2000 and is an effort to ensure that it never happens again. So far, the leftist bastions of California, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington State, District of Columbia, Hawaii and Vermont have all passed legislation supporting this. Anybody see a pattern here? Are any of these states ones with strong conservative majorities? I didn’t think so either.

So what is Hollis French and his democrat buddies in the legislature up to? They are clearly carrying water for their party rather than the citizens of this state. If this passes, we could very well see a day where a Republican candidate who has carried Alaska with 60% of the popular vote in the state sees Alaska’s Electoral votes go to his (or her) democrat opponent. And in a sufficiently close election, those three electoral votes could tip the entire election to the democrat rather than the candidate that this state has supported.

This is very bad legislation and should be stopped. The Senate Minority has said that it was very likely going to make it out of committee to the floor of the Senate. It would be worth a call to your favorite legislator to make sure it does not see the light of day. Our electoral votes as Alaskans should not be subservient to the wishes of democrat voting fraud mills in the inner cities of the blue states.