Global Warming: A Brief Summary of What It May Be All About (Part 1)

***This is part one of a two part story***


Recently the Anchorage Daily News published several letters-to-the-editor and Compass articles concerning human-caused global warming. In each case, the authors of these letters and articles referred to what they described as large majorities or a “consensus” among scientist that humans were the cause of global warming.

Actually, although it hasn’t been widely reported by the mainstream media, by far the largest numbers of scientists who have taken a position regarding global warming report they do not believe there is a consensus regarding human-caused global warming. In fact, over 31,000 scientists, including 9,029 PhD’s, have signed the “Oregon Petition” in which they specifically reject the premise of human-caused global warming. The petition signers include 3,805 trained in the fields of Atmosphere, Earth and Environmental Sciences; 935 trained in the area of Computers and Mathematics; 5,812 trained in the fields of Physics and Aerospace; 4,822 trained in Chemistry; 2,965 trained in the fields of Biochemistry, Biology and Agriculture; 3,046 trained in Medicine; and 10,102 trained in the fields of Engineering and General Science. Among PhD’s alone, the number who publicly reject the notion of human-caused global warming is estimated to exceed the number who are publicly on record for being in support by over 10:1.

This doesn’t necessarily mean there is a consensus that the advocates of human-caused global warming are wrong - - it just means that there is no consensus either way.

So the question arises: Why do the advocates of human-caused global warming continue to insist that there is a consensus in favor of their point of view?

The answer may be pretty easy: If two parties are in a heated debate, and suddenly one side drops out, refuses to continue, declares there is a consensus, insists that the issue is settled, that the debate is over, and there can be further no more discussion - - guess who was losing.


Phase 1: The Beginning

There was a time in the past when the advocates of human-caused global warming were on the ascendancy. In the early to mid-1990’s, they were dedicated, disciplined and organized. When Dr. Michael Mann produced his shocking “hockey stick” graph which he said proved man-caused global warming was occurring, they hit the ground running under the umbrella of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) . Non-IPCC affiliated scientists were unprepared and overwhelmed. The advocates of human-caused global warming refused to disclose their methods, and undermined the established scientific method based on sharing of data and replication of research. They wrote unverified computer models to produce impressive graphs and charts. End-of-the-world reports were written and reported as fact. Much of the media went along and repeated terrifying doomsday scenarios without question. Political leaders who were not already part of the movement jumped aboard and awarded hundreds of millions of dollars to favored think tanks, organizations and institutions. Rock stars signed on. The stampede gained strength. Hollywood produced cataclysmic movies with spectacular special effects featuring floods and natural disasters. Former Vice President Al Gore was awarded an Oscar and the Nobel Peace prize. Textbooks were re-written which influenced teachers and millions of school children. Multiple international conferences were held and treaties were proposed and signed. “Social justice” and other slogans were developed. Western civilization and developed nations were blamed and pressured to reallocate resources and lower the standard of living for their citizens. The advance of a massive realignment of worldwide economies seemed inevitable and unstoppable.


Phase 2: The Transition

Then something happened.

Objective scientists throughout the world began to regain their balance. Independent studies began to establish substantial doubt on human-caused global warming theories. The famous “hockey stick” graph that provided much of the original underpinnings for human-caused global warming was found to be based on falsified and incomplete data. It was scientifically established without question that there were periods of time as recent as 500-900 years ago, well before human-related industrialization, when global temperatures were significantly higher than they are today. 

Former Vice President Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”, was revealed to be riddled with errors, false claims and deceptions, and English courts ruled it couldn’t be shown in England without disclaimers. The internal emails between leaders of the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in England, who were also the primary sources of data for the United Nations’ IPCC section, were revealed to contain self-doubt and awareness of deception, including instructions to delete evidence of inconsistent and unsupportable climate change data.

The computer models of the advocates of human-caused climate change were found to be in error. Rather than increased warming as forecast, Professor Phil Jones, the Director of the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia and former leading advocate of human-caused global warming publicly admitted there has been no evidence of statistically significant warming for over 15 years.

In the past, advocates of human-caused global warming have universally associated increases in CO2 with increases in global temperature. However, during the past fifteen years in which global warming has not taken place, human-related emissions of CO2 have increased by 25%. As a result of this inconsistency, the entire relationship between increases in carbon dioxide (CO2) and global warming has been called into question and is under review. To date, an analysis of glacial core samples indicates that rather than preceding or “causing” global warming, if there is any relationship between global temperatures and CO2, it is that increases in CO2 may actually lag behind increases in global temperature by about 800 years.

On an immediate and provable level, much of the fear-mongering related to the alleged consequences of global warming has also been proven to be false. The projected fears of shrinking icecaps leading to rising sea levels have been put to rest by documented historical observation and proven facts. During the relatively recent past, when Greenland was green, and its icecap had significantly receded, records show it was populated with farms, fields of grain, herds of sheep and cattle, and butterflies - - during which time the city of London was thriving and hardly underwater.

****Part 2 of this story will focus on motives and what happens next.****