Honey Badger of the Week - Anchorage I/M Program

Because it appears that not the feds, the state, or Muni can kill it, we offer up the Anchorage I/M program as the celebrated Honey Badger of the Week.

This is the I/M program.  I/M is emotionally tough as nails.  Oooh, look, no one wants me around, no one thinks I do any good for anyone.  Even the EPA says I need to go away.   The I/M program don't care.  It just keeps on keepin on.

 I/M dont need no support.  I/M don't need no friends.   The Mayor can try to kill I/M, but it don't give up. Even after over two years of the Mayor getting everyone on the planet to say I/M is useless, I/M just keeps at it. I/M has no regard for any danger.  It doesn't need to.  I/M takes what it wants.